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“TAB” in Qatar was established in 2004 and is the onlyNEBB certified firm ,based in Qatar and it is the testing &commissioning pioneer company in Qatari market.The only NEBB Certified Engineer in Qatar is Eng.Amr Omarwith the certification No:3617.

 Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing TAB Certified by National Environmental(NEBB) isan independent third party company. TAB also has international membershipswith Building Commissioning Association (BCA), Chartered Institution ofBuilding Services Engineers (CIBSE) & U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED,CSA.As of today and after 15 years of sincere and continual effort exerted by thestaff, the idea and principle of TAB Company to be a third party independentcompany is now widely used in most projects MEP industry.TAB applies the latest NEBB (Associated Air Balance Council) Specifications andProcedures in all the successful execute TAB projects in the MEP market duringthe past 15 years.TAB key staff possess more than 15 years of MEP diversified experience gainedin design, execution, TAB and commissioning of major electromechanicalprojects in the Gulf Area.TAB MEP senior staff gained more than 10 years of experience in executingmany different kinds of projects in Qatar for complete MEP Systems with manydifferent systems including Electrical Systems, DG Sets, District cooling systems,Core & shell projects, variable air volume systems, variable water flow systems,clean rooms (up to clean class of 100), boilers, precision air conditioningsystems, chemical gas filtration systems, desiccant dehumidification systems.Some of these MEP / HVAC systems capacities reaches up to 60,000 TR andvary in sophisticated ways to cover almost every MEP application includingpharmaceutical production facilities, hospitals, libraries, hotels, malls,residential and commercial complexes and museums.

TAB conducts continuous in-house TAB training courses for the staff. TAB use TSIand Alnor measurement Instruments, which are two of the most well knownAmerican manufacturers for HVAC TAB instruments. With this arrangement, TABis always capable of meeting the demands to mobilize the required numbers oftrained and qualified resources equipped with adequate instruments and tools tocomply with project execution schedule.TAB Electrical senior staff gained more than 10 years of experience in executingmany different kinds of projects in Egypt and Qatar with many different systemsincluding Transformers, Generators, MV panel, LV panel, Bus duct, Bus bar,Cables, SMDB’s, DB’s, Earth pit, lightning arrestors, lighting and socket.Low Current System (fire alarm, PA system, MATV system, Tel/Data System, CCTVsystem, BMS system). Some of these Electrical systems capacities reaches up to15MVA.TAB training courses for the staff. TAB comply with KAHRAMAA regulation.